Translucent's Products

NEW: Technical brochures: GaN-on-Si, Ge-on-Si, Overview.

Translucent is sampling the following semiconductor on silicon products:

Translucent has developed semiconductor-on-silicon epi processes for the power electronics, concentrated photovoltaic and lighting industries.

Translucent's wafer, solar cells and transistors

Our technology development is underpinned by a deep and fundamental understanding of the nature of semiconductor materials engineering. Our scientists and engineers have taken this technology from the science lab and have developed scalable manufacturing prototypes. Prototypes are presently being evaluated and their performance improved. We expect to sample commercially available devices to key customers in the late 2013 to early 2014 timeframe. Translucent's technology has been discussed in the following articles:

We are presently improving the manufacturing processes and developing prototype demonstration devices. The target wafer size for these new 'on-silicon' technologies is 6 to 8 inchs, to take advantage of available silicon fab capacity.

Translucent News

  • 03-Mar-14 Please visit us at the CS International Trade show (18-19th March 2014)
  • 18-Oct-13 Translucent will have a booth at the CS International conference in Frankfurt in March 2014
  • 17-Oct-13 Invited talk to be presented at ACS International Symposium and Exhibition by Dr Rytis Dargis, 27-Oct-13
  • 23-Aug-13 Translucent's Dr Rytis Dargis to present work at two conferences in October
  • 22-Aug-13 Translucent to present work at ICNS#10 (International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors)